Something wrong in me.

Wake up in the morning, dont feel so right, just kind of like a robot, automatically get up and have a shower, brush teeth, wash my face…. after all these “old procedures” I really feel alive.

Not much to say, in fact, things around are boring, sometimes I cant distinguish leading a simple life and leading a meaningless life. It’s same same in other people’s eyes. I dont bother to think about it too much, just wondering what I am doing and for what, if it is the best thing I could do for my future or not, I’m afraid that it’s not and I have not tried my best to achieve all I want yet. I’m a greedy girl in this busy world.

Today —– I dont wanna do anything. Hey do you know that looking at someone from head to toe is rude. No one is comfortable about it.

Ah.. I’m waiting for my sister to give birth to the second child, a princess, my little girl, I dont know, I’m just too excited about her, what she looks like, what is she like or maybe – curios about her face… it’s like there are too many plans I made, and just waiting for a right time to execute. She is something new added in my boring life, something colorful in my black and white picture, and something meaning full between tone of non-sense things.

Bad luck all the time – eyes disease..  get too many things to study and then.. boom.. all is delayed because there is a girl who all the time puts things off till tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes unfortunately…..



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